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Learn from a Local. Relocation Made EASY!

Moving to a new home can be a lot, Moving from another state can be overwhelming. Relocation can be hard, I make it EASY!

I have customized a guide, catered to those relocating the the St Johns County area. As a local myself I wanted to create a way for those moving here to feel right at home!

Included in the guide you will find:

  • Checklist For Before You Move
  • Realtor Expectations (The quality service you deserve)
  • Finding Home Roadmap
  • Pre-Approval and Mortgage Options
  • House Hunting Tips & Tricks
  • What To Do & Not Do
  • Becoming A Local (Checklist After You’ve Found Home)
  • Trusted Venders (Exclusive List)
  • Advice from past Relocation Clients