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Fall in Love with Northeast Florida

Fall in love with Northeast Florida

Northeast Florida offers a variety of family-friendly activities to enjoy during the fall season. Here are ten options to consider:

  1. Pumpkin Picking: Visit a local pumpkin patch like Amazing Grace Crop Maze or Congaree and Penn to pick your own pumpkins for carving or decorating.
  2. Corn Mazes: Many farms in the area create intricate corn mazes for families to explore. Check out Sykes and Cooper Farms for this fun fall tradition.
  3. Hayrides: Enjoy a scenic hayride through the countryside at one of the area’s farms, such as Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary.
  4. Haunted Houses: For older kids who love a good scare, explore the haunted houses that pop up for the Halloween season, like “Scream-A-Geddon” or “Fright Factory.”
  5. Fall Festivals: Northeast Florida hosts various fall festivals featuring live music, food vendors, and craft booths. The Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville often has fall-themed events.
  6. Nature Walks: Take a leisurely walk through one of the region’s scenic parks or nature preserves like Big Talbot Island State Park or Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens to enjoy the changing foliage.
  7. Fall Biking: Enjoy the cooler weather with a family bike ride on one of the many scenic trails, such as the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail or Amelia Island’s bike paths.
  8. Beach Days: While it may not be traditional, fall is still a great time to visit the beach in Florida. The weather is often still warm, and the crowds are smaller than during the summer months.
  9. Fall Crafts: Host a family craft day at home to make fall-themed decorations like wreaths, leaf garlands, or hand-painted pumpkins.
  10. Fall Cooking: Get the family involved in making delicious fall treats like pumpkin pie, apple cider, or caramel apples. Visit a local farmers’ market to pick up fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Remember to check the specific dates and availability of these activities as they may vary from year to year.

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